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Hey guys, most of you probably dont know me, but Im Joy. I havent been in school lately, because Ive been sick and in the hospital, and I was just wondering of there was any important senior information I was missing, like about yearbooks, and prom tickets, and graduation? I hope everyone has a wonderous day!
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yearbooks can be purchased monday morning for $50 or picked up if you already paid. pick up at the bookstore.

prom tickets stop selling on wednesday the 21st. they are $50 each. you also sign up for a table to sit at (10 to a table, i think) when you buy the tickets. they sell before school, records, both lunches in the coat room.

senior skip day is next thursday.

convocation is mandatory. it's next friday. wear cap and gown (from what i know) and you can sit wherever you want. half day for seniors, i think.

graduation rehersal is june 6th from 1pm-3pm and you need ot be there early or else you get stuck at the end of the line. you must be there. i think you can have someone fill in for you (of a lower grade) if you have to. i'm not sure though.

graduation is june 7th. i don't know when it starts or ends.

but i hope some of that helps.