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this is just a place for kids from kimball to get together and make fun of teachers or make fun of each other or just talk about whatever.

april 28 - classes resume
may 23 - honors convocation
may 24 - senior prom
may 26 - no school, memorial day
may 29/30 - senior exams

june 6 - graduation rehersal 1pm-3pm
june 7 - graduation, all knight party
june 10 - 9th marking period ends
june 10/11/12/13 - exams

moderator__ technicolor__, if you need to get ahold of me either email or message me.

001_try to keep it kimball-related
002_try not to make anyone cry
003_do not delete your posts unless you've posted it more than once on accident
004_post pictures behind an lj cut if it's large
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